Annual Sweepstakes Winner's Circle


Sweepstakes winnings help extend budget for Ramsey County, Minnesota CWMA Coordinator

Ramsey County (MN) Conservation District’s CWMA Coordinator Carole Gernes had a wish list in mind when we told her she’d won $200 to support her weed management program. “I have a pretty small budget, so this will really help.”

Carole educates and trains Invasive Plant Patrol volunteer monitors, creates removal events and blitzes, works with land owners, and coordinates invasive plant management within Ramsey County, Minnesota. Her program’s main goals are early detection and rapid response to prevent infestation of 11 invasive plant target species including wild parsnip, Japanese knotweed, Oriental bittersweet and invasive Phragmites.
Her winnings paid for a foaming herbicide applicator, foaming agent, and two Parsnip Predators (digging tools). “This will allow me to dedicate more of my budget to boot brushes for spread prevention.”
Congratulations, Carole!
This year’s sweepstakes winner was selected at random from over 550 entries. Monthly quizzes and surveys provide opportunities for TechLine readers to enter the sweepstakes multiple times. One entry for each survey or quiz is eligible for the drawing.

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California Ag Commissioner Wins $200 Giveaway

Congratulations to Marc Lea for being randomly selected from a pool of respondents to TechLine’s monthly surveys. 

After consulting two TechLine articles on selecting backpack sprayers and reader reviews, Marc selected a new backpack sprayer to help with his invasive plant management program. 

Marc is a Deputy Agricultural Commissioner with the San Luis Obispo Department of Agriculture where he supervises a number of different program areas, including the noxious weed control program. He has coordinated the San Luis Obispo County Weed Management Area since the organization’s inception in 2000. Congratulations, Marc -- and thanks to other readers who responded to our monthly surveys.


Northern Minnesota Ag Inspector Takes the Prize

Steven Sindelir, County Agricultural Inspector for Lake of the Woods County in northern Minnesota is the winner of the Techline Reader Sweepstakes! Steven responded to our email announcement with, "Wow, that’s fantastic. I never win anything!” For his prize, Sindelir chose a SP Systems International Professional Model 100 Backpack Sprayer (~$180 value). 

We expect he will put that sprayer to good use. Sindelir is responsible for controlling noxious weeds on county land, mainly small patches of purple loosestrife. He documents population location and control history, and monitors all known locations. Searching for new populations and responding to new sightings of noxious weeds in the county are also among his invasive plant management responsibilities. 

Congratulations, Steven. And thanks to the 189 others who responded to the TechLine Annual Reader Survey.